Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar: Die Shaolin Affen EP Vinyl 7-inch (2 Color Options)

Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar: Die Shaolin Affen EP Vinyl 7-inch (2 Color Options)

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Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar: "Die Shaolin Affen EP" vinyl 7-inch

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In one of the most unusual and eclectic musical team-ups in contemporary punk-rock, German outsider artist Klaus Beyer, infamous worldwide for his off-beat, lo-fi, cover versions of Beatles classics, (often utilizing the original music track), sets his sights—and sounds—on inimitably crooning adapted German language lyrics to the anime inspired punk-pop stylings of NYC’s Osaka Popstar.

Those endeared to the cult of Klaus Beyer join a discerning fan base that includes Osaka Popstar’s John Cafiero, and the likes of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore among others.

The same lo-fi techniques applied to Beyer’s 13 year mission of covering the entire Beatles catalog stands true to form. Utilizing the original instrumental music beds from “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk” (featuring guest appearances in the backing band by members of the Misfits, Ramones, Black Flag, & more), Beyer delivers an oddly appealing & wholly unusual vocal performance sure to please fans of his eccentric Beatles work, Adult Swim, & those with an appreciation for the truly unusual. 

Title track “Shaolin Affen” even boasts a music video shot on Super 8 film by notorious cult director Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Der Todesking, Captain Berlin vs. Hitler), produced in association with Frank Behnke, former Mutter guitarist, and documentary filmmaker whose credits include the making of David Lynch’s film “Blue Velvet”.

Beyer’s work isn’t limited to any single form of media either. His visual artistry, (sold & exhibited in galleries worldwide), materializes here in the form of original illustrations representing the songs on the EP’s sleeve art. The illustrations interact with photos by Behnke and Buttgereit to visualize the surreal world of Klaus Beyer and “Die Shaolin Affen” EP.

Track Listing:

1.) Shaolin Affen (Shaolin Monkeys)

2.) Monster (Monsters)                       

3.) Wo ist der Käpt'n? (Where’s the Cap’n?) 


33 & 1/3 RPM

Ltd Ed. 7-inch, only 1,000 copies pressed worldwide

Choose one or more of the following colors for your vinyl:

- "Monkey-brown" vinyl 7-inch 

- "Banana-Yellow" vinyl 7-inch 

When purchased in stores, each record is packed in blind assortment w/ a 50/50 chance at brown or yellow vinyl. Order online and specify the color of your choice, AND at a price below you’ll find in stores!